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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wet n Wild Dancing In The Clouds vs. Urban Decay Summer of Love

If you're an Urban Decay fan, then you probably remember the 2010 Limited Edition Summer of Love Palette. It was a fantastic little palette with four shades and a mini liner, but sadly it's no longer available (you can still get it on places like ebay though).

If you missed out on it, or you didn't want to pay the $29 when it was still available, the lovely Liz from Beauty in a Boy's World just let me know that the Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio Dancing In The Clouds (from the LE Dream Weavers collection, of course) is a fantastic dupe! How did I not know this?? 

Liz even took some awesome pics to share with us:

image credit: Liz for Nouveau Cheap
Look at those first three shades in the UD palette!

image credit: Liz for Nouveau Cheap

According to Liz, the coppery colors are actually a closer match than what the pic above indicates, while Maui Wowie and Chopper are a bit more chunky with glitter than the WnW versions. Also, Liz says that the purple in the WnW palette is less pigmented than Flash.

I hope this helps some of you who have been wanting Flash, Maui Wowie or Chopper--you now have a far less expensive alternative!

To see where Wet n Wild Dancing In The Clouds has been spotted in your area, check out our interactive map here.

Thanks a million, Liz, for the great pics and dupe discovery!!

Do you already have Dancing In The Clouds? If so, how are you liking it so far? I just wore what I will now refer to as the "UD Chopper dupe" yesterday as an all-over wash and I LOVED it.


  1. Maui Wowie is actually the antique gold shade and Flash is the purple shade xP

    Excellent excellent eye though. I cannot believe nobody else spotted this. I never would have matched the two, even though I have the Summer of Love palette!

  2. OMG! What a fantastic dupe! :D

  3. Looky there! Spot on! And those colors are awesome.

  4. Joyce! Thank you so much for catching that! I'm fixing it as I type this! xo

    Stephanie: I know, right? It's pretty amazing!

    Kimberly: Yep! And I totally agree. ;)

  5. Glad someone else finally saw this too! I posted this about a week and a half ago on the Wet 'n' Wild's Facebook page. (And was ignored, lol should've come here)! I compared DitC to those shades in my Alice in Wonderland palette and they are sooooo similar! I kinda like the Dancing in the Clouds a little more because Chopper and Maui Wowie have fallout. The green in bright idea is a kinda ok match for the Homegrown/absolem from the AiW palette ( sadly not as close as I was hoping) :oP

  6. Great comparison! These look like almost exact dupes to me! This is the one palette that I can't find anymore :(

    I did ask at my local Fred Meyer today if they had any in the back. The girl told me know, what was out was it. I think there were only two total palettes left. The Bright Idea palette and the one with the red & black. I'm still going to check around at a few other places to try to find it. But all the locations in my area are pretty much out.

  7. Ohhh, I cannot get my mind off of We're Blasting Off and Dancing in the Clouds! I am still going to hunt em' down. Its hard though as W&W only puts out 2 of ech trio. They get sold out fast.

  8. She's right about the WnW being good dupes for Urban Decay's Summer of Love.

    There are a few differences as mentioned:

    The purple in the WnW palette is more matte than Flash. Flash has a nice shimmer to it and it's very noticeable. The color itself is 99% dupe.

    Both Maui Wowie (antique gold with silver glitter) and Chopper (copper with a gilded-bronze shimmer) are 95% duped with that palette.

    Also, Smog (the 4th color in the Summer of Love palette) can be duped with the chocolate brown from The Gilded Age and that's about a 95% dupe.

    I noticed that Show Pony can also be duped with WnW palettes. Snatch's dupe can be found in The Gilded Age, Toasted is in another palette (I don't have my cosmetics in front of me to give the name off hand), Smog and Flash like I mentioned above. Mildew is in one of the WnW 8-pans. The only color that I can't dupe from WnW is Pain Killer which is a bright blue-teal.

    I wish I had more UD palettes but I buy mine only when on sale at Hautelook. Well except Naked which I paid full price and feel guilty using. I want the 15th Anniversary palette but at $55 it's out of the question right now.

    At any rate, Liz is right about it being a good dupe. WnW has been making some fantastic shadows lately and I hope they continue to make high end dupes.

  9. Awesome dupes! And a great post as awlays!! :))

  10. Awesome love dupes! G where do we leave comment my local HEB had the dream weavers!

  11. has these for sale, that is where i got mine...dreamweavers collection that is

  12. Wow!!! Nothing like spotting a great dupe!!! Love the coppery color!!!!

  13. G!
    This is amazing! Maui Wowie and Chopper are colors that I love but hate. I love how beautiful they are and i swatch them and gawk at how gorgeous they are but never wear them because of the cheap looking glitter that mess them up. well maui wowie lately but i cannot remember how chopper was because i was so disappointing with my wallpaper palette that i gave it to my little sister. my point is, that the pretty colors have been duped and thanks to you i can go buy it and be happy! haha. thank you for your amazing posts :)

  14. Now isn't that something!!! Still can't find it!!! ARH!

  15. Oh wow! I'd been meaning to pick up the UD Summer of Love palette but never got around to it... WnW Dancing in the Clouds might be all I need now, especially since I already have UD Smog!

  16. hi i just wanted to add that I was so thrilled with this post that i went and got the wnw palette a this afternoon, and i just got done doing my own comparisons, the shades are really good dupes for the UD. but, the purple is more like UD asphyxia from my old urban decay face case, and they also have a 24/7 liner pencil this shade too. the maui wowie is a tad more golden where this wnw shade is a tiny tad more taupe compared to it but it is silky, and beautiful, you would think it was an urban decay shade! The peachy copper chopper dupe in this wNw trio may be the most like an urban decay shadow than i have ever seen before because it has the glitter. i dont know how they did it, but it is a better glittery formula than in my book of shadows and other glitter shades by them. BUT it is more like the smaller glitter shade found in the 15 year anniversary palette by urban decay. I think they have a new, better glittery shade formula. this wet n wild palette totally exceeded my expectations and I will probably cut back on all of the high end eyeshadow I usually buy and check this brand out first from now on. Sorry to be so lengthy I just wanted to add my 2 cents about this eyeshadow.

  17. Zadidoll: You may have missed my post, but I compared UD Toasted to WnW Gilded Age and Comfort Zone HERE.

    I've done dupe posts on a few others you mentioned and I agree with you. Lots of great UD dupes from WnW.

  18. mrsgold: I'm sorry I missed your post on WnW's FB wall! :( So glad you found these dupes too! xo

  19. I finally found Dancing in the Cluds abd Were blasting off in Shelby, NC. I think i found an amazing Rite Aid they had all the LE NYC collections and all the LA colors and Jesse Girl stuu and all the Organix skincare stuff too. I got the last Dancing in the Cluds but im gonna check another Rite Aid cause id like to have a backup.

  20. OMG!! I wasn't going to get this trio, and then I saw these pics and I will definitely be searching it out! PS-Just discovered your blog! From one blogger to another, I check yours daily for updates! <3


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